Unique Tools and Resources for the Coast

NOAA’s Coastal Aquaculture Planning Portal, first launched in 2016, has nearly doubled its inventory of unique tools and resources for coastal managers, planners, and those in the industry who are interested in the development of marine aquaculture in the United States. The portal now provides 87 tools and resources to assist with aquaculture development at various scales.

One of the tools is Coastal County Snapshots which provides managers and citizens with easy-to-understand charts and graphs that describe complex coastal data. Users select a county of interest and the website does the rest, creating a helpful educational tool for governing bodies and citizen groups. Current snapshot topics include flood exposure, wetland benefits, and ocean and Great Lakes jobs. The tool features a way to:

  • Assess your county’s exposure and resilience to flooding
  • Learn how your county benefits economically from the ocean or Great Lakes
  • Examine the benefits your county receives from its wetlands

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