2018 Forage Variety Results – Texas Cool Season Annual Variety Trails

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I hope everybody enjoyed the mid morning rain shower that occurred earlier.  When I attended the Texas A & M Beef Cattle Short Course in College Station, Texas earlier this month I was made aware of the Texas Cool Season Annual Forage Variety Trails.  With the weather being so hot and dry the thought of planting a cool season annual forage hasn’t crossed my mind.  With rain and a phone call earlier regarding rye grass, I figured it would be a good time to get out information on rye grass and other cool season annual forages.  The recommended planting dates of these cool season annual plants are about four to six weeks prior to the first killing frost date.  According to weather history, Calhoun County has an average first killing frost date of December 6th.  This publication has a lot of valuable information on cool season annuals. Click on the link below to obtain this publication.



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