Texas Department of Agriculture Approves Aerially Use of Deuplosan

With wet weather still lingering around after harvest season the cotton stalks are starting to regrow.  With the new 2,4-d and di-camba tolerant cotton varieties it has been a challenge for stalk destruction.  Attached is the 24(c) SLN allowing for  Post-harvest destruction / removal of all cotton including 2,4-D and Dicamba tolerant varieties and the 24(c) SLN allowing aerial application of Duplosan (dichlorprop) for a 92 day period to aid in the post-harvest destruction/removal of all cotton including 2,4-D (Enlist) and dicamba (XtendFlex) tolerant varieties in Texas. Please note that aerial applications may only be made in the counties listed on the 24(c).

TX180005_Use_Dir_Duplosan Herbicide_24c

Duplosan (228-742) 24c for aerial application cotton destruct

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