NCBA: A Decade in Review

As we near the end of another decade, many social media users have taken to looking back at the milestones and accomplishments they’ve experienced in their lives over the past ten years – getting married (or divorced), having children, or graduating from college, for example.

It’s called the Decade Challenge, and it got us thinking about what American beef producers have accomplished in the past ten years. Looking back at the record, the progress we’ve made on the issue of international trade and market access has been nothing short of stunning.

Over the past decade or so, total exports of American beef have nearly tripled – from $3.08 billion in 2009 to $8.33 billion last year. That’s real money in the pockets of real American producers. And nowhere have the gains been more impressive than in Asia.


Cited from and for more information clink on the link below.


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