It’s only natural

Heading into the fifth month since COVID-19 was first reported, many of us have come face-to-face with a sobering realization: sometimes, nature is actively seeking to harm us.

But it’s nothing personal.

In fact, it’s only natural.

Diseases are about as natural as they come. Bacteria and viruses evolve or mutate over time in order to s

Bubonic plague, Spanish flu, measles, polio…there hasn’t been a time in history untouched by a devastating, widespread illness.

But we live in the 21st Century.

Faced with the first global pandemic since the advent of modern medicine, we want top-of-the-line treatment and cutting-edge technology to heal the sick and prevent the spread of this newest deadly disease.

And rightly so. No one wants to see others suffer or succumb to a deadly disease.

So why don’t we treat agriculture the same way?

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