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Walk and Talk in the Pool

The Walk and Talk Program  is almost at an end.  We have one more class this WEDNESDAY EVENING Aug. 28  at 6:00pm in the Port Lavaca Pool.  The cool water is very enjoyable. Come join us. This program is FREE and for Adults only.  Swim suits are preferred, but a T-Shirt and sorts are acceptable, just no denim or cutoffs. This is a Better Living for Texan’s program.  We discuss a different fruit or vegetable at each program.  We have already learned more about Tomatoes and Watermelon than most… Read More →

Break the Grip of the Rip!

Spring Break is in full swing on our Texas beaches which is a perfect time to remind everyone about rip currents. A rip current is a powerful, narrow channel of fast-moving water that can move up to eight feet per second.  Swimmers can be quickly pulled offshore, suffering fatigue when they fight the current trying to swim straight back to the beach. Once fatigue sets in, the risk of drowning increases because the swimmer is unable to keep themselves afloat or swim to safety. Although lifeguards at United… Read More →