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Buying vs raising replacement heifers.

With the “fall run” on calves to the market coming up, I decided it would be a good time to discuss buying or raising replacement heifers.  As a producer myself, I have bought and raised replacement heifers.  Jason Cleere, Associate Professor and Texas AgriLife Extension Beef Cattle Specialist published an article comparing bought replacement heifers vs raised replacement heifers.  The dollar values in the charts are outdated but you can plug in today’s prices to determine the current budget.  I hope this article will give you some clarification… Read More →

2018 Forage Variety Results – Texas Cool Season Annual Variety Trails

Howdy ! I hope everybody enjoyed the mid morning rain shower that occurred earlier.  When I attended the Texas A & M Beef Cattle Short Course in College Station, Texas earlier this month I was made aware of the Texas Cool Season Annual Forage Variety Trails.  With the weather being so hot and dry the thought of planting a cool season annual forage hasn’t crossed my mind.  With rain and a phone call earlier regarding rye grass, I figured it would be a good time to get out… Read More →

Market Facilitation Program 2019 County Per Acre Payment Rate

  Assistance through the Market Facilitation Program is based on a single county payment rate multiplied by a farm’s total plantings of MFP-eligible crops in aggregate in 2019. Those per-acre payments are not dependent on which of those crops are planted in 2019. A producer’s total payment-eligible plantings cannot exceed total 2018 plantings. County payment rates range from $15 to $150 per acre, depending on the impact of unjustified trade retaliation in that county. The following crops are eligible for payment under this single county payment rate: alfalfa… Read More →

Agriculture & Natural Resource Agent

Howdy ! I hope everybody is doing well.  Let me tell you a little bit about myself.  I am Greg Baker, the County Extension Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources here in Calhoun County.  I was formally employed by the Texas Department of Agriculture as a Pesticide Inspector for the past 27 years.  Some of you may have had an encounter with me at some point in my past career, good, bad or indifferent.   When this position came available for County Extension Agent, I thought to myself that… Read More →