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Better Living for Texan’s Newsletter

Many people wonder if Organic Food are better for you and if they are worth the extra cost.  This is what Extension says about this category of food. BLT-Newsletter-February-2020

What’s Cooking August 26th

Orange Chicken and Vegetable Rice Bowl American grown rice is a high-quality product that does not require washing or rinsing before or after cooking.  Most U.S. rice is enriched with iron, niacin, thiamin and folic acid.  Rinsing rice, or cooking rice in excess water and draining, results in loss of enrichment and other water-soluble vitamins and minerals. It is a “hundred calorie pack”:  one half-cup serving of rice contains only 100 calories Rice packs a nutritional punch:  it provides more than 15 essential vitamins and minerals including, folic… Read More →


  August is National Immunization Awareness Month Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Offers Tips to Reduce Risks   With summer vacations coming to a close and preparations for back-to-school underway, it is important to safeguard your family’s health by having their immunizations up-to-date. August marks Immunization Awareness Month with various themes focused on preventing diseases through a person’s lifetime. From pregnancy to babies, young children to teens, and adults to seniors, vaccines play a vital role. How do vaccines work? Vaccines help the body develop immunity by imitating infections…. Read More →

Keep Your child in the Back Seat Until Age 13

Article_Give Your Child a Back Seat for Safety I know it is a struggle to get children to remain in the backseat, but it is the safest place for them.  Read more about it.