Asian Giant Hornet About the ‘murder hornet’ or Vespa mandarinia

The Asian giant hornet, Vespa mandarinia, or AGH, is a large, predaceous hornet native to Asia, most commonly found in Japan and South Korea.

The AGH is the world’s largest hornet, slightly larger than the cicada killer wasp common in Texas. It was discovered for the first time in North America in August 2019 in British Columbia, Canada, and was located and eradicated in September 2019.

Two specimens were also collected near Blaine, Washington, in the northwest corner of the state. Efforts are underway this spring to trap hornets near Blaine and other sites where citizens have seen or collected hornets.

Until insects are trapped in the spring and summer of 2020, we won’t know if this species has adapted to the Pacific Northwest climate.

Asian giant hornets have not been detected in Texas.
Asian giant hornets are native to Japan.
These hornets were discovered in fall 2019 in British Columbia, Canada, and in Washington State.

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