DTN Retail Fertilizer Trends Anhydrous Price Hits $700 Per Ton for First Time Since 2015

OMAHA (DTN) — The upward momentum in fertilizer prices appeared to level off this week. The average retail price of all eight major fertilizers increased; however, none were up a significant amount, which DTN considers a price move of 5% or more.

This is the first week since the beginning of February that no fertilizer’s price was up by double-digit percentage points.

For the second week of April 2021, the average retail prices of anhydrous, UAN28 and UAN32 increased by 4%. Anhydrous had an average price of $700/ton, UAN28 $345/ton and UAN32 $387/ton.

One interesting note was the anhydrous price at $700/ton. The last time it was this high was the fifth week of June 2015. The price that week was $705/ton.

Urea prices increased 3% to $509/ton, while 10-34-0 increased 2% to an average price of $609/ton.

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