Corn Conversations: Driving Demand for Meat – A mutual benefit for farmers

Texas Corn Producers (TCP) held its fourth installment of “Corn Conversations” for farmers and anyone else interested in gaining insight into driving demand for corn in the U.S. red meat market. On Oct. 29, TCP partnered with the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) Vice President Industrial Relations John Hinners who highlighted the value of meat exports, the current state of global trade, and the mutually beneficial relationship between meat exports and corn production.

Wesley Spurlock, president of the Texas Corn Producers Association (TCPA), kicked off “Corn Conversations” by diving into a conversation about the role USMEF plays in the world of corn. An integral piece of the corn market is the collaboration corn has with USMEF. USMEF is a driving force in the industry to further encourage domestic corn-fed livestock production for the U.S.

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